Intel Inside, Stickers Outside

Bob Keefe really stepped into it when he dared to ask about Apple’s decision of not putting “Intel Inside” stickers on Macs. John Gruber said it was a “dumb question but such a great answer“. (Was it either?) Cult of Mac said the question “stood out for its ineptitude“. Others chimed in with similar disdain. Note that Keefe didn’t actually question the wisdom of this decision – he simply wanted to know the rationale behind it. (He may have also been curious as to how Apple got away with it.) The question was asked in 2007, but got recent publicity on Daring Fireball in a vaguely related post on Kindle ads.

Quite coincidentally, I pondered this question myself only a few days ago. I bought recently a new PC laptop to replace the MacBook Pro I turned into an insurance event with some sleight of hand involving a glass of water. (Note to self: keep liquids well away from delicate electronic equipment.)

Said laptop had six stickers on it: one indicating the model (still there for the time being), “Bluetooth” (yay!), “Spill Resistant Keyboard” (this is the one sticker I wish had been on my MacBook Pro), “Green IT” (whatever that means), “Windows something or other” (as an aside, I am proud to report this PC has never run Windows for even a little bit) and of course “Intel Inside”. Peeling the stickers off, I couldn’t help but recall the sadly departed MBP, which had exactly no stickers.

Are the stickers there for the people who buy the camera with the most megapixels? Possibly. I think they’re there because someone somewhere showed a Powerpoint stack which unequivocally stated that according to statistics, the stickers will have a positive influence on the target demographic in this market segment. It seems Apple is doing quite OK without them though.

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