PCB prototype manufacturing review – 3-way shoot-out

Disclaimer: PCBWay provided free PCBs for this review. No other compensation was provided. PCBWay did not request nor receive favourable treatment.

Laying out the board in KiCAD.

The following is a 3-way shoot-out review between 3 PCB manufacturers: PCBWay and JLCPCB in China, and Oshpark in the US. I uploaded the same Gerber files to each of them. I’ve reviewed both the order process and the finished product. You can download my KiCAD files (warning: I used the development nightly version) from Github: https://github.com/rockola/stomp-breakout/

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Customer service? No thanks, we’re a monopoly.

The following is an email I wrote recently after a particularly inspirational customer service experience. De Facto Monopoly Company is called something else in real life, and if there is a company called DFMC out there, let me emphasise that my experience had nothing to do with them. Other details have been also altered to protect the less than innocent. Continue reading “Customer service? No thanks, we’re a monopoly.”