How to Watch Star Wars

Image from Wolfgnards. Blame them.

(Prologue: Any similarities to “How to Read Donald Duck“, living or dead, are coincidental.)

Star Wars: Machete Order discusses two common approaches to viewing Star Wars movies, release order (IV through VI, then I through III) and episode order (I through VI), suggests an alternative approach (IV, V, I, II, III, VI) and then caps it off by introducing the so-called “Machete Order”, which is the alternative order sans Episode I.

This, of course, is a good idea, as Ep. I sucked golf balls through a garden hose.

However, I have another suggestion. Taking a cue from Rod Hilton’s comment “Now I’d like to modify this into what I’ve named Machete Order on the off chance that this catches on because I’m a vain asshole,” I’d like to present

Star Wars: Fiori e Baci *) Order

The instructions are as follows:

First, watch Episode IV (aka Star Wars, aka A New Hope).

Then, watch Episode V (aka The Empire Strikes Back).

Finally, stop right there.

*) This blog used to be called Il Figlio di Fiori e Baci — Ed. note 2017-10-02

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